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Support will bring your skills & passion to life.



Connecting participants to resources & people with double the support

WIN CONNECT is a referral system to connect participants with the essential services offered by our partner network.

WIN NAVIGATORS are the support team connecting participants to those essential wrap-around services, training, education and job opportunities.


Step One. Sign Up!

WIN CONNECT is a referral system designed to connect participants with the essential services offered by our vast partner network.


WIN CONNECT operates as a closed-loop software system, giving participants the ability to enroll confidentially.

With this proactive approach, WIN helps participants access services and overcome obstacles preventing them from receiving the support they need + directs participants to wrap-around services, training, education and job opportunities.


Our dedicated Navigators support participants from start to finish.

Navigators create personalized plans bridging community support services, professional development, targeted industry-recognized training, and work and learn opportunities ensuring no one is left behind.
WIN seeks to overcome weaknesses and threats by strategically plugging holes in the education to career pipeline utilizing:

  • High-touch Navigators

  • Mobile classroom

  • Offering transportation solutions

  • Wrap-around supports catered to individual needs

  • Program affordability

  • Short-term training options

  • Bringing access to participants where they live via a Skilled Trades mobile classroom

  • Remote learning to offset income inequality and infrastructure issues

By focusing on Healthcare and Skilled Trades sectors, WIN will help diversify the economy, address employer needs, potentially attract new businesses, and provide a path into the workforce for the un- and underemployed who face barriers.

WIN Navigators are the connective resource that helps to knit together training and employment opportunities across the region while educating job seekers on the available jobs.
Recognizing that small life challenges can derail participant progress, the wrap-around services component is crucial.

Our Support partners are the building blocks of our network:

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