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Accessible & responsive training to skill up.



We’re on the road to you!

In our effort to get more people trained, qualified, and ready to work in remote, rural, and tribal areas, we are meeting people where they are to get the skill sets they need, get a good job, and support their communities and families.
  • Provides Skilled Trades training in rural and tribal communities

  • Offers Apprenticeship Readiness, State test prep

  • Provides Special construction project training

  • Brings Skilled Trades training into communities that lack access to training and opportunities

  • Meets the challenge of access in vast, remote terrain

  • Seeks to remedy the shortage of Skilled Tradespeople, locally, regionally, and nationally

  • Schedule your visit here

  • Seven North-Central New Mexico counties:
    Colfax, Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Taos County with 4-6 week stops in each location through October 2025


  • Direct Entry or Direct interview into 13 different trades programs

  • OSHA 10 Certified

  • Nationally recognized certifications

  • First Aid & CPR Certifications

  • Land a career in the Skilled Trades with great wages and benefits (FYI: Wages run 70% lower without certification!)

  • Gain a great career and direction

  • Increased access to vocational training and skill development opportunities for community members in rural northern New Mexico and tribal communities with high unemployment rates.

  • Improved job prospects and economic stability as individuals gain valuable skills

  • Enhanced community resilience and self-sufficiency by equipping individuals with the necessary skills to contribute to local industries and businesses.

  • Reduction in unemployment rates and poverty levels as more community members are able to secure employment in various sectors.

  • Increase access to apprenticeship opportunities in Skilled Trades for individuals living in rural northern New Mexico and tribal communities.

  • Provide comprehensive training and education to prepare apprentices for successful careers in Skilled Trades

  • Foster partnerships with local businesses and industries to create job placement opportunities for apprentices.

  • Enhance diversity and inclusion within the Skilled Trades by actively recruiting and training individuals from rural northern New Mexico and tribal communities.

  • Promote economic development in the region by equipping apprentices with the necessary skills to contribute to local industries and businesses.

  • Support the growth and sustainability of the Skilled Trades workforce in the northern central region of New Mexico through ongoing training and mentorship programs.


See where we’ve been & where we are going.


Mobile Training Unit Launch: 11/29/2023

Las Vegas NM: 2/12 to 3/1/2024

  • Luna Community College

Taos NM: 4/8 to 4/26/2024-full

  • Taos County Offices parking lot, 105 Albright St, Taos

Mora NM: 5/13 to 5/31/2024

  • Mora/San Miguel Electric

  • Registration closed, at capacity

Santa Fe NM: 6/10 to 6/28/2024

  • 525 Camino De Los Marquez, Santa Fe

  • Registration closed, at capacity

Raton NM: 7/22 to 8/9/2024

Santa Domingo Pueblo: 9/9 to 9/27

  • Location TBC

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Training at LCC_Jesse Gallegos2_edited.p

Apprenticeship Readiness Coordinator Frank Lopez demonstrates welding techniques to Jamie Olivares (Las Vegas) and Nick Baca (San Jose) on campus of Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
PHOTO: Jesse Gallegos, Luna Community College

For those who are ready now to be trained and hired:
  • 3 week course with OSHA 10 certification + job placement
  • Dozens of contractors ready to hire!
  • Be job ready with 412 Apprentice Readiness
  • Get a career in the skilled trades
  • Choose your trade!
Dr Camilla B_MTU_edited.png

VIDEO: UA Local 412

“It’s not about people coming to you. It’s about going to where people are — to get them what they need to get skilled up, trained up and ready to land good jobs, good paying jobs.”
—Camilla M. Bustamante, PhD, MPH, WIN Project Director

PHOTO: John T. Denne, Courtesy of Northern New Mexico College

“It was important to me and Local 412 that we meet people where they are at, that we create pathways out of poverty and into Skilled Trades careers. The Mobile Training Unit is that opportunity!”
—Joan Baker, Director of Outreach, Engagement, Grants Manager, UA Local 412

The Mobile Training Unit was born out of a creative, collaborative effort to find real solutions for career training, preparation and employment in good jobs for New Mexico’s rural, remote and tribal communities.

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