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Join us as we build a strong workforce system, economy & support network in north-central New Mexico.
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Northern New Mexico Workforce Integration Network (WIN)

  • WIN CREATES bridges that help individuals establish their path to workforce entry, reintegration OR betterment goals so they may support themselves and their communities.
  • WIN PROVIDES a support network to address obstacles such as food insecurity, transportation, childcare, and more so participants may stay on track toward meeting their employment and independence goals.
  • WIN ENCOURAGES goal-setting flexibility as no barrier should be too high that can deter someone from their goals.

All paths may look different, but the result will still be a “WIN!”
“Inclusive regional economic growth doesn’t happen on it’s own. Somebody has to bring together key stakeholders across program and jurisdictional boundaries, develop a common plan and oversee implementation through a network of partnering organizations.”
—Next Generation Sector Partnerships
Support Workforce Development
WIN is a recipient of a $6.4 million American Rescue Plan Good Jobs Challenge grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).

WIN aims to transform and diversify the regional economy by building a robust workforce in the key areas of Healthcare and Skilled Trades, leading to increased equity and more high-paying jobs. WIN will be open to unemployed or underemployed adults, or adults looking to skill up and get a good paying job with benefits.

  • Address need for qualified workers in identified industry sectors

  • Establish and strengthen regional networks for participant support

  • Assist un- and underemployed to gain good-paying employment

  • UA 412 Mobile Training Unit to remote locations

  • Articulation between industry training, higher education, and state academic institutions

  • Seven North-Central New Mexico Counties: Colfax, Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Taos.

  • Navigators (4) to direct participants to education, training and support services

  • New faculty at participating institutions in both industry sectors

  • I-BEST instruction and support for each institution

  • Articulation Specialist

  • Mobile Training Unit for Skilled Trades Sector

  • % of WBL Coordinator Training & Education

  • Clinical Coordinator for Healthcare Sector

  • Travel, communication & outreach, supplies

  • Life Skills trainings and other wrap-around services for participants

  • Press Release

  • North Central New Mexico Economic Development District (NCNMEDD) - Project Narrative

  • This website was prepared by NCNMEDD using Federal funds under award #ED22HDQ3070084 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Development Administration or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Good Jobs Challenge Grant E.D. A.

The Good Jobs logo is a trademark of the Economic Development Administration, used with permission.


Organizations behind the Workforce Integration Network.

North Central New Mexico Economic Development District (NCNMEDD)

North Central New Mexico Economic Development District (NCNMEDD) serves as the WIN project administrator. Formed in 1967 under the EDA’s Public Works and Economic Recovery Act, NCNMEDD is one of seven regional councils of government in New Mexico and serves eight-counties. For over fifty years, NCNMEDD has helped the region to navigate economic adjustment and alleviate unemployment and underemployment in economically distressed communities through technical assistance, grants, loans, fiscal sponsorships, and grant/project administration. NCNMEDD has increased its capacity to bring in EDA investments by assisting with three successful EDA CARES Act applications in 2021 and 10 pending EDA ARPA and EAA applications in 2022. NCNMEDD works with many area communities to offset their limited capacity for community planning and development. As such, staff have long-standing and deep connections region-wide, as well as a strong network of partner organizations that includes employers, training institutions, community organizations, and local governments. With a staff of 30 and an operating budget of $4 million annually, NCNMEDD successfully manages over $20 million in federal and state grants each year.

Regional Development Corporation (RDC)

Regional Development Corporation (RDC) serves as backbone for the Trades sector. Founded in 1996, the RDC is a private nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to improving economic development in Northern New Mexico. The RDC was initially established to serve as the Department of Energy Los Alamos Site “Community Reuse Organization” (CRO) with a mission is to diversify the economy within the north central New Mexico region. The RDC maintains a close working relationship with the Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and its affiliate contractors. It focuses on workforce development, investment opportunities, and technical assistance to facilitate job growth and to diversify the regional economy. It also serves as a facilitator to bring organizations together, offering training and job placement supports and drawing on extensive region-wide networks of union and employer partners. The RDC's Workforce and Academic Network Development pilot, which seeks to train workers in skilled trades and construction and has already accomplished significant groundwork building stakeholder trust, planning, and convening in the skilled trades. The RDC manages federal grants, having recently completed a $3.2 million workforce development grant from the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management. The RDC’s training work centers on the skilled trades, a sector where local employers report severe hiring gaps and where new employees can be trained quickly. The RDC seeks to develop a talent pipeline that can serve private and public organizations region-wide, an effort that is all the more critical now that the nation is gearing up to spend the largest investment in infrastructure in a lifetime, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021.

Innovative Executive Quality Solutions

Innovative Executive Quality Solutions, LLC is the Cornerstone to Excellence, specializing in behavioral health, social services, integrated healthcare, and education. Our mission revolves around elevating organizations by harnessing evidence-based practices to enhance efficiency and productivity through collaborative, data-driven professional services. Our vision is to empower organizations with quality-driven strategies, fostering the growth of administrative processes and personnel while expanding service offerings. We are steadfast in our commitment to cultivating healthy and proficient workforces through innovative organizational practices. Our approach centers on a comprehensive consultation, identifying gaps and opportunities and providing a customized project plan with timelines and milestones. With a wide array of quality services, we pave the path to organizational success, supported by our dedication to mentorship, ensuring each step in an organizations journey is guided with attention and expertise.


Day-to-Day team.

Camilla M. Bustamante, PhD. MPH
Northern New Mexico WIN Project Director
North Central Economic Development District

Joe Cooke

Northern New Mexico WIN Finance Manager

North Central Economic Development District

Dan Gerry

Skilled Trades Backbone

Regional Development Corporation

Dr. Veronica Sanchez, DSW, LISW, LCSW

Healthcare Backbone

Innovative Executive Quality Solutions


Staff openings will be posted here.

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